Is it a Small Stacker or A Hand Truck that Lifts?

No matter how you categorize them, Lift’n Buddy Elevating Hand Trucks make transporting and lifting items faster, safer and easier in just about any work environment.  They combine the vertical lifting capabilities of a small powered stacker with the convenience, versatility and simplicity of a two-wheel hand truck.

Why You Should Have a Lift'n Buddy

Before Lift'n Buddy, you had two options for transporting and/or lifting loads - a stacker or a two-wheel hand truck. For a lot of applications, Lift'n Buddy offers real advantages. Details.

Use it Anywhere

Use Lift'n Buddy anywhere that you need to transport and lift items. To see how people are using their Lift'n Buddys check out our application photo gallery. If you've got an interesting application, snap a quick picture and send it to us. We might even add it to the gallery!

The Complete Line of Lift'n Buddy Products


           LNB-350                      PAIL PARTNER         

         PAIL LIFTER                        KEG LIFTER